conservative and Preventive Dentistry


Conservative Dentistry

Conservative or restorative dentistry, also known as operative dentistry, is the field responsible for returning the proper function of the teeth, which may be affected as a consequence of various pathological situations:
- Wear or fractures.
- Small or larger cavities, which are resolved with subsequent restoration (a filling).
- Deep cavities that reach the nerve: in these situations, it is necessary to clean the decay and make an opening in order to carry out the canal treatment (see endodontics section). After the root canal treatment, it is necessary to plug the dental effect, therefore a large filling will be needed for that purpose.
Depending on its size and characteristics, the filling can be done directly (in a session as a conventional filling) or indirectly. This type of filling is called an incrustation and is made in the laboratory. There is the option to opt for a crown instead of an incrustation.
In short, Conservative Dentistry encompasses all the treatments devoted to the preservation of teeth in the oral cavity (treatment of decay, dental reconstructions, endodontics...).

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the field responsible for the study and understanding of the oral environment and its microbiological and immunological implications in the prevention of illnesses.
Nowadays it is essential that our clinical practice is guided by the preventative measures with oral tissues while fully respecting what has been created by nature. That is why, at the same time, we need to put an emphasis on preventive dentistry and be clearly aware that this aspect is one of the keys to the success of any treatment, to guarantee the greatest longevity of both teeth and restorative work.
This should not only be implemented with healthy tips, but rather with checks, examinations and customised clinical tests in order to find out what each patient needs to do at home in their particular circumstances, and what we need to do at the clinic. This is not a very widespread procedure, but we must consider it as necessary, in order to have proper monitoring.
Prevention is the path to avoiding oral diseases. That is why at Nayan Dental Clinic we pay utmost attention to providing advice and recommending our patients how they can improve their oral health.